We are helping to transform land use
on Arran and across Scotland.

We demonstrate methods of sustainable land use for the benefit of all. We investigate, demonstrate and prototype methods of land use to find long lasting, sustainable solutions for our communities. We tackle the issues that rural communities are facing in the west of Scotland and beyond.

Conservation and Regeneration
Toward NetZero

Our core purpose is to regenerate Scotland's wild and natural landscapes in a way that incorporates our rural communities while securing jobs and livelihoods for young people. We help to coordinate research, facilitate training, employment and community engagement to develop circular economy and local opportunities to assist as we move towards a just and nature rich future and transition to net-zero.

Community Engagement

We engage with local communities to determine their priorities for land use, help them to envisage how to use land within their village or community, and turn these ideas into action. We combine heritage and tradition with innovation to find sustainable and regenerative solutions to empower our communities to tackle the issues they are facing.

Planning and implementation

Our team helps to design and plan uses for community land before helping to make these ideas happen on the ground. We develop practical routes to increase the opportunities for localised food production, increased biodiversity, and vibrant and viable communities within our local, regional and national plans for a self sufficient and sustainable future.

Support Our Work

We need input on many levels from people all over Arran, Ayrshire, Argyll and Scotland wide. We are always keen to engage with individuals, businesses, public bodies, and communities to help facilitate a range of tasks both locally and further afield as we want everyone to benefit from local and intergenerational knowledge share and enthusiasm, and are keen to facilitate this as widely as possible within, and between communities.

We would be grateful for donations of all forms, from funding for research, volunteer participation time, tools, seeds, materials and other equipment, to support with events and social activities.

Most importantly we hope to gain the support of our communities to join in, in any way that they can, there are plenty of roles for all ages, interests and abilities to play a part in supporting sustainable use of land for all our collective enrichment.