Pioneer Project Isle of Arran

Pioneer Project CIC About Us

We are a group of Islanders working together regarding the lease / donation of areas of land on Arran to cultivate and grow food, in a coordinated manner with dialogue and support of local commercial producers and members of the community. Our aim is to help ensure the provision of fresh fruit and vegetables in case of any issues regarding food security for island residents due to the Covid-19 situation and beyond. The sites obtained are to be used for Community Resilience Farming with the aims of a long term successful partnership between all producers and islanders for the benefit of the community as a whole. Photo: Thistles on our site in Lochranza.

We aim to:

  • Increase the islands level of food security;
  • Secure land all over the island to allow for local, seasonal food production;
  • Work towards helping the island to become a self-sufficient farming example, gaining traditional knowledge and skills for the next generation within a practical, participatory setting;
  • To facilitate food production methods that protect the natural environment, regenerate biodiversity and diverse ecosystems, and create fertile soil on Arran using principles of Agroecology.
  • To become a valuable resource for training and apprenticeships (for all abilities and backgrounds) in the future while working with other similar organisations and charities / college and university's throughout Scotland;
  • To overcome as a group the key barriers to those wishing to live and farm in traditional areas of the island.